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Interpretation of the symbols

The following symbols indicate the condition of the stamp (unused, used, or on cover) especially referring to: width of margins on imperforated stamps; centring on perforated stamps; condition of perforation; freshness; clarity of the impression.In evaluating the conditions account will be taken of what is normal for an issue: if a stamp is normally found to be very badly centred, a copy which is only slightly off centre will be considered a very fine one. By the same token a slightly off centre copy of a normally well centred stamp will be considered inferior.

SPL - splendid, in the finest condition considering the particular issue, ample margins or perfect centering, outstanding freshness.
BB - very fine, good margins or centering, good state of freshness.
B - fine, margins close but complete (or some good and others very close), not centred, not fresh, irregular perforation, but nevertheless undamaged copies signed by (or acceptable to) an expert. 


** Complete original gum, never hinged (only in this case this symbol appears before the basic description).
TLI Trace of earlier hinge, but non visible to naked eye.
TL Trace of earlier hinge.
L Fragment of hinge present.
LP Large fragment (s) of hinge.
GP Part original gum.
GM Gum interfered with.
SG Without gum.


DM Margins defective, one or two sides.
DML Margins slightly defective, only at one or two points.
DD Perforation defective, missing perforations or many short perforations.
Slight perforation defects, one missing perforation or two or three short perforations.
DAL Slight thinning, abrasion or pin point.
O Many rust spots.
OL One or two rust spots or slight stain.
FP Heavy crease.
PL Light crease.


ALC Postmark light and easily identifiable.
AL Postmark light, but not easily identifiable.
APC Postmark heavy, but easily identifiable.
AP Postmark heavy, and not easily identifiable.
AD Disfiguring postmark or more than one mark on a stamp.
ANP Postmark not expertised.