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Philatelic Auction
/ 30 MAY 2018
GENERAL SALE - Ducati Italiani, Italia Regno, Italia Repubblica, Colonie, Posta [..]

Conditions of sale


All the stamps or other objects offered in this catalogue are the property of third parties who have instructed Soc. Italphil to sell them for their account. These instructions are formally transcribed and registered according to the law. All the stamps and other objects offered have been carefully examined by our experts. The more important items are signed, or provided with the photographic certificate of well known Italian or foreign experts. All photograhs of lots count as an integral part of the description with regard to margins, perforation, centering and cancellation.

The numbering which follows the description of the lots refers, for the Italian area, to the Sassone catalogue and, for Europe and overseas, to Yvert et Tellier. Quotations in parenthesi taken from Sassone for the Italian Area, from Unificato for West Europe, from Yvert et Tellier for East Europe and overseas. In some instance, Bolaffi, Gibbons, Michel or Scott numbers and quotations have been added.


For every lot is given a starting price, below which the lot will not be sold. If two equal bids are received the lots will given to the bidder whose offer arrived first. Bids from persons unknown to the auctioneers will be entered if accompanied by a cash deposit covering a 10% of the offers made, or by banker’s or philatelic references which can be easily and quickly checked.

Telephone bids. People who cannot attend the auction in person can participate by telephone. Italphil accepts telephone bidding only above € 500,00. Italphil cannot accept any responsibility if we are unable to contact prospective bidders and strongly advise that anyone contemplating bidding by telephone leaves bids 48 hours before the auction or leaves us with backup bids.
The knocking down will be made to the one who offers the most: the hammer price will be increased by a 20% commission which includes V.A.T. Other expenses such as shipping costs will be charged according to cost. Advances in the bidding will be at the discretion of the auctioneers, with a minimum advance of 5% and a maximum of 10%.


Payment must be made in Euro before lots are handed over or mailed. Drafts in foreign currencies will be credited at the rate of exchange on the day of receipt. Buyers present at the auction must pay for lots on delivery. Postal bidders should send the money within seven days of receiving the invoice. If no payment is made within this period, interest will be charged on the amount outstanding (due to the law of D.L. 231/2002 art. n. 5 c. 2) and the buyer will loose the right to make claims (section 7 and following of Condition of Sale) will be forfeited. If payment has not been made within thirty days of receipt of the invoice, the auctioneers will be authorized to re-propose the unpaid lots in a next auction, in name and on behalf of the buyer. In case the realized price does not cover the debits, the difference is anyway due to the auction house.



Claims can only be considered where in the opinion of at least two recognised experts the lot is found not to be genuine, or to have hidden defects not mentioned in the description, or to differ substantially from the description. Where a lot has been photographed no claim will be accepted relative to perforation, margins or cancellation. In case that the claim is considered justified, the auction house is only obliged to refund the paid amount; any further claim is excluded.

Period allowed

Buyers present at the sale should lodge their claims on receiving delivery of the lots. Postal bidders should do so within ten days of receiving the lot and in any case within thirty days from the date of the sale. If this period is exceeded, no claim can be accepted for any reason, since at the end of this period the auctioneers are bound to settle the account of the vendors and return unsold lots to them.


Lots are sold as described and with the expertise indicated. A bidder requiring the opinion of an expert other than the one indicated, or the expertise of lots which have not already been expertised, must put in a request in writing at least seven days before the sale. After consulting the owner, the auctioneers have the right to grant or refuse an extension. If they grant one and if the expert verdict is negative, the lots must be returned within two months of the date of the auction. If the request is not made in the manner and within the period indicated or if the month period is exceeded, the return of the lots will not be accepted for any reason.


No claim can be accepted for any reason in the followIng cases:
a) lots composed of more than 20 items not described individually;
b) lots composed of one or more stamps described as defective, with defects, of mixed quality, to be examined, or sold as is;
c) stamps or lots, whatever the description, estimated at a 10% of catalogue value or less;
d) stamps subject to claim which have been immersed in water, or chemical substances, or have been damaged in any way by marks, handstamps, etc., even if applied by experts;
e) regarding the conditions of the stamps e.g. perforation, state of gum, centering, and cancellation, when the lots have been previously examined by the purchaser;
f) errors made by the purchaser in submitting bids. We rely exclusively on the lot number given;
g) when lots subject to claims fail to reach us, for any reason, except where an extension has been granted, within 30 days of the auction date.

Online live-bidding: exceptional conditions of sale.

Italphil allows those who cannot attend the auction in person to participate through the “live bidding”, an alternative service to the telephone bidding described in section 4.
The bidder will be able to participate through our website thanks to a system which allows him to raise his bid by clicking once on the specific key.
In case of a similar bid made in the auction room and one made by the online live-bidding system, the bid made in the room wins; telephone bids are considered to be made in the room.
By placing a bid through the live-bidding system the bidder intends, and is obliged in case of winning, to buy the lot at the price offered plus 20% commission (see section 5).
Due to the nature of the live-bidding, based on a web platform, Italphil cannot guarantee any interruptions in the efficiency of the system. Connection and speed problems are subject to external factors.
During the auction connection services are supplied by third parties (as Telecom Italia, Fastweb, British Telecom etc.). Italphil declines any responsibility in case of blackout, breakdowns of the main server and/or electricity interruptions.
The live-bidding service is created to work at its best with a DSL connection or any superior internet connections. Some firewalls installed on the bidder’s computer may interfere with the correct functioning of the service.
All the bids will be registered on Italphil’s database in order to refer to in case of mistakes or disputes.
By using the live-bidding service the bidder accepts all the conditions of sale as above .


The auctioneers may ask anyone who disturb the normal conduct of the sale to leave the auction room.
The auctioneers reserve the right to change the sequence of lots, to regroup or withdraw them, or to add other lots.
Ownership of the lots passes to the purchaser only after the invoice has been paid in full.
Lots will be sent by mail or parcel service and charged to the purchaser.
Purchaser making bids by post or in the auction room are thereby assumed to accept entirely the conditions of sale given above.
Any litigation arising out of the sale will be conducted in Rome.

Postal bids will be treated with great care and one of our staff will be at the auction to represent the interest of bidders. Lots will be knocked down at a price found by adding a 10% to the offer, next below the highest bid made by post or in the auction room. lf, for example, two bids have been received for a given lot, one of € 150,00 and another of € 100,00, the lot will go the person bidding € 150,00, not at this price, but at L. 110,000 (the next lower bid plus 10%).